Starrett Tools

Starrett tools…oops, I meant “measurng instruments” are by far the highest quality measuring instruments available in my opinion. They offer a wide variety of measuring devises for every job. Do not confuse these tools with plastic, light weight copy cat tools. These are of the highest quality and you will only have to buy them once!

Starrett 11H-12-4R Combination Square with Cast Iron Head and Black Wrinkle Finish

Starrett 11H-12-4R Combination Square with Cast Iron Head and Black Wrinkle Finish

  • Cast Iron Head with black wrinkle finish
  • 12-inch hardened steel, machine divided blade
  • Reversible lock bolt, scriber, and spirit level
  • Graduation is 8ths, 16ths–quick reading 32nds, 64ths
  • The value of Starrett Tools is that they are accurate and will last
  • Bearing surface is accurately ground
  • Graduation: No. 4R – 1/8″, 1/16″, quick reading 1/32″, 1/64″
  • Square blade easy-to-read, sharp graduation
  • With reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level

Starrett combination square consist of a machine-divided, hardened and tempered steel rule (or blade) on which is mounted an adjustable square head. A reversible lock bolt allows the blade to be turned over or end-for-end without removing the lock bolt or nut. This ensures true alignment of the blade and heads. Square head are made of cast iron and are not to be confused with the cheap imitation plastic or die cast heads on the market. The value of Starrett tools is that they are accurate and wi

List Price: $ 71.00

Price: $ 59.60

Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor

Starrett 505P-7 Miter Saw Protractor

  • Laser engraved dial for accuracy
  • Constructed from durable engineered plastic
  • Teflon “O” ring insures smooth and precise operation
  • Direct read from the work to your miter saw with two easy to read scales
  • Made in the USA

Legendary Starrett accuracy takes error prone calculations out of the process of setting up miter cuts. Simply set your saw to the angle that you read on the protractor.

List Price: $ 34.99

Price: $ 21.46

Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch Heavy-Duty With Adjustable Stroke, 5-1/4″ Length, 11/16″ Diameter

Starrett 18C Automatic Center Punch Heavy-Duty With Adjustable Stroke, 5-1/4

  • Internal mechanism automatically strikes a blow when downward pressure is applied
  • Adjustable knurled cap regulates the force of the blow
  • Rugged automatic punches with all-steel handles and parts
  • All sizes are identical in style, differing only in the striking power
  • The point can be easily removed for regrinding or replacement

Spring tension, which regulates the blow, is constant so marks made by the point are uniform in depth and size for each setting.

List Price: $ 43.50

Price: $ 38.20

Starrett 1202-6 Dial Caliper, Stainless Steel, White Face, 0-6″ Range, +/-0.001″ Accuracy, 0.001″ Resolution

Starrett 1202-6 Dial Caliper, Stainless Steel, White Face, 0-6

  • Precise dial graduations of 0.001″, with one revolution equivalent to 0.100″
  • Thumb-operated fine adjustment roll allows for one-hand use
  • Lock screw holds the sliding jaw in position, to ensure a consistent measurement
  • Rack teeth point down to keep foreign matter from clogging the gear, to help prevent measurement error
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears, and depth rod for accuracy and long life

The Starrett 1202-6 dial caliper measures 0 to 6 inches with 0.001” accuracy. This handy measuring tool allows for reliable and accurate depth, inside, and outside readings with the sharp, black graduations every 0.100” on the no-glare, satin-finished bar, crisp lines on the white dial face, and knife edge contacts on the jaws. One full revolution of the dial is equivalent to 0.100”. The knife-edge contacts can be used to scribe parallel lines on the workpiece. This caliper can be used wi

List Price: $ 98.00

Price: $ 87.37

Starrett 505A-7 ProSite Protractor

Starrett 505A-7 ProSite Protractor

  • 7-Inch miter saw protractor with two scales-red -Inchmiter cut-Inch scale and black -Inchsingle cut-Inch scale
  • Allows direct transfer of the work angle to the miter saw in 3 steps with no calculations
  • Features durable 1/4-Inch thick aluminum alloy and reflon O-ring for smooth, precise operation
  • 12-Inch version also available to cover
  • 7-Inch long; 1-1/2-Pound; 1-year warranty
  • Ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades
  • Saves time and reduces waste
  • Scale shows angle for a miter joint and single cut
  • Takes error-prone calculations out of miter cuts
  • Upside down or backwards, the reading is always correct

Durable 1/4″ aluminum with Teflon O-ring for smooth, precise operation, 7″ model available with identical dial and functionality.

List Price: $ 52.00

Price: $ 51.99

Starrett 13C 6-Inch Double Square with Hardened Blade

Starrett 13C 6-Inch Double Square with Hardened Blade

  • 6-inch double square
  • Ideal for machinists, toolmakers, and patternmakers
  • Hardened blade with integrated level
  • Head is 3-1/2 inches long; face is 9/16-inch wide

Starrett hardened steel squares are recommended when accuracy is required. Beams and chrome plated blades are hardened, ground and lapped to insure parallelism and straightness. Beam is grooved at inner corner for clearance of burr or dirt. Faces of the head are ground square. Tempered steel, machine divided blades in 1/8″, 1/6″, 1/6″, 1/32″ and 1/64″ divisions.This 6-inch double square from Starrett is popular with machinists, toolmakers, and pattern makers because it has a hardened blade a

List Price: $ 74.00

Price: $ 74.00

Starrett C434-12-4R Combination Set with Square, Center and Reversing Protractor and Satin Chrome blade

Starrett C434-12-4R Combination Set with Square, Center and Reversing Protractor and Satin Chrome blade

  • Often called try squares, bevel protractor, center gauges
  • 12 inch satin chrome blade, 4R graduation: 8ths, 16ths, quick reading 32nds and 64ths
  • Reversible lock bolts
  • Square and protractor head
  • Double reading double 180 degree protractor scales

Complete combination set feature the combination square with a center head and with a reversible protractor. As the name indicates, this tool can be used for many different purposes – a complete substitute for a whole set of common solid try squares, a 45 degree miter, a depth gauge, a height gauge, a marking or scribing gauge, a level, a plumb and, by withdrawing the blade, it can also be used as a precision rule. This saves littering the workbench with too many tools, each being necessary but

List Price: $ 269.00

Price: $ 269.00