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Old Money By Randal Rosenthal

old wood by Randal Rosenthal

I recently came across this carving by Randal Rosenthal that completely took me by surprise. To start out with a glued up block of solid hardwood and create the carving that you see here is nothing short of amazing.

old wood by Randal Rosenthal

The time it must have taken to carve this masterpiece has to be crazy huge. I am a cabinetmaker and woodworker but not much of a carver bujt I have a huge amaount of respect and admiration for the skill and vision this must have taken. I am literally speechless and I will just leave you with the website that I found it on(ViralNova) that links back to the forum post that Randal Rosenthal belongs to where he documented the journey of creating this masterpiece.

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