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We've redesigned our three most popular back saws to feature a slight tapering of the blade from toe to heel. This taper gives you better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your stock, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side, which reduces the risk of sawing past your line. In addition, the taper introduces an angled approach to your stock (when holding the saw back parallel to the bench), enabling faster cuts with less effort. Our Tapered Crosscut Saw is patterned after our Carcass Saw but with a longer blade of 14" and thinner plate of .015". It tapers ¼" along the length of the blade, with a cutting depth of 2" at the toe and 2-1/4" at the heel. This combination of features yields a well-balanced saw that cuts extremely fast and precisely, with excellent surface finish. Teeth are filed crosscut, 14 ppi, set at .003" per side. Overall length, including handle, is 19." Overall height is 5." At Lie-Nielsen Toolworks we handcraft heirloom quality tools in Maine. Our Mission is to design and create beautiful, heirloom quality, hand tools that inspire woodworkers and other artisans. Through exceptional support and education, our customers receive the same personal attention we put into our tools.

High quality tools for the discriminating wood worker. A complete set for virtually every work working requirement–three dimensional carving, deep relief carving, and whittling. Set contains No. 5 knife with No. 24 Deburring Blade, No. 18 Heavy Wood Chiseling Blade, No. 19 Angled Wood Chiseling Blade, No. 22 Large Curved Carving Blade, No. 26 Whittling Blade, and No. 27 Heavy-Duty Saw Blade, five gouges, and four routers boxed in a wooden chest. No. 5175.

Work Sharp 3000 Wide Blade Attachment

Work Sharp 3000 Wide Blade Attachment

  • All tools and hardware for installation are also included.
  • Sharpens flat blades up to 3-inches wide to these angles: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60-degree
  • Top table is a precision machined metal casting for optimum flatness and rigidity.
  • Honing guide is cast metal with innovative side clamping design to ensure precision blade alignment and sharpening
  • Blade Alignment Fixture and bevel angle gauge are included.

Use this Work Sharp 3000 wide blade attachment to grind, sharpen, and hone most plane or chisel blades up to 3″ wide. It works with the 3000s glass plate and utilizes the entire abrasive surface, which you cant do using the chisel port. The attachment has three main components; a plate which attaches to the back of the 3000, a guide which holds the blade and rides on the plate, and a bevel setter. Its easy to set up and use.

List Price: $ 84.95

Price: $ 53.78

Fein 6-35-02-151-02-0 1-1/8-Inch Universal E-Cut Blade, 3 Pack

Fein 6-35-02-151-02-0 1-1/8-Inch Universal E-Cut Blade, 3 Pack

  • For cutting Metal up to 1/32-inch
  • For Cutting into Wood
  • For Cutting into Plaster
  • For Cutting into Synthetic materials
  • For Cutting into Cardboard

This 1-1/8″ universal E-Cut blade can be used for a broad range of applications with bi-metal teeth. Saws wood up to 50 mm, plastics, sheet metal up to 2 mm, copper or aluminum pipes and profiles.The Fein E-cut blades are created to use with the Fein Multimaster. They are designed to cut everything from wood, plaster, synthetic materials, and cardboard. They come in a convenient 3-pack of 1 1/8-inch thick blades. The flush cut design allows you to place materials perpendicular to your cut and ar

List Price: $ 105.08

Price: $ 29.62

More Fein Products

Fein 63502113019 3-5/16-Inch Flush Cut Wood Blade

Fein 63502113019 3-5/16-Inch Flush Cut Wood Blade

  • Metal blade for cutting soft wood
  • Segmented to provide for right angle cuts against another surface
  • Recessed center provides for flush cutting applications
  • Great for removing window putty and other softer materials
  • Single blade for introduction to cutting with the Multimaster

Segmented recessed saw blade is only for soft materials. Ideal for working in corners, flush to the surface.The Fein 3-5/16-inch flush cut blade is a metal blade for cutting soft wood. It is segmented to provide for right angle cuts against another surface. Its recessed center provides for flush cutting applications. It is great for removing window putty and other softer materials. The single blade is for introduction to cutting with the Fein Multimaster.

List Price: $ 42.50

Price: $ 4.90